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Nice Old Czech Violin Circa 1920

Good Condition - Powerful Tone

Product Information

Antoni Student Violin Outfit 4/4
Size: 4/4

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Good Playable Student Violin Outfit


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Product Description

Perfect for new players. This one has had some light use but I have given it a thorough check over. I've added new strings, this is a full outfit and includes a nice case, good bow, shoulder rest and rosin. Everything that is needed to get started. This is a full size instrument.

The Antoni 'Debut’ violin series is the ideal instrument, for beginners of all ages.

This violin has been professionally set up and is ready to go. Its great value for money.
£85.00 + £12.00 p&p

12 month warranty

£97.00 is the total amount, no other charges apply.

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