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Antoni Student Violin Outfit 4/4

Good Playable Student Violin Outfit

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My name is Garry Blakeley. Welcome to my website where you will see photos of beautiful bows, violins and violas. These photos will be accompanied by a reasonably detailed description of the items on sale here, designed to help you make an informed choice. I don’t really consider myself to be a dealer as such, I am a professional violinist and I make my living playing and teaching music. The buying and selling of instruments gives me an opportunity to own, albeit on a temporary basis, some very fine instruments. This is something that gives me great pleasure and hopefully creates a small income toward my holiday fund. You can find more information about me on my other website – My Homepage.

The bows that are on sale here come with a money back guarantee (minus postal charges) which is a sign of my confidence in the workmanship involved. I buy these directly from the makers and I pay in US dollars that at this point in time (2006) happen to give a very favourable exchange rate with the pound. This is good news for me and for you as I pass those savings on making these bows some of the most competitively priced you will find. They are posted in a strong plastic tube to keep them safe and to date I have had no problems with damage in transit. I choose the instruments that are on sale here personally. My prime quality requirement is a good strong tone, well-constructed and solid build with the use of good materials giving the violin/viola an attractive and pleasing appearance. It has to be said that before buying such an instrument, you should have a period of time with it to make sure it is exactly what you want. In order to achieve this, I ask for payment in full up front by debit/credit card (through paypal's secure server), paypal or personal cheque. Once the payment is confirmed the item will be posted to you (safely packed) starting the seven day trial period. Near the end of that period, either you retain the instrument or return it to me whereupon receipt of the instrument, in good order, I return your money to you in full (minus two way postal charges). You only risk the postal charges each way. Experience tells me that this method actually works very well as it is not often that an instrument is returned to me.

I check every bow myself before posting and play all the instruments I have in stock on a regular basis to keep them lively and in good playing order. I don’t do repairs of any nature so I only buy in instruments that are sound and in good condition. Given that most of these violins and violas are at least 80 – 100yrs. old, they sometimes suffer with some very slight cosmetic marks but these are expected and best left untreated in any way.

I hope this gives you confidence in trying the item of your choice and if I can be of any further help, feel free to email me directly at –, or through the websites sales address,

If you have any comments about the website please let me know.

Kind regards,
Garry Blakeley
Musician, Teacher, and CEO
You can contact us by either clicking on the mail form link to the left, or by directly emailing us. We will normally get back to you within 48 hours. Be sure to check the terms page, with information about our seven-day money back guarantee.
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