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Carbon Fibre Viola Bow


Product Information

Modern Strad Violin 4/4
Size: 4/4



Great Tone - One Piece Back

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Product Description

Full Size Violin 4/4
This is a beautiful violin, it is handmade to a very high standard. It is based on a Stradivari pattern and produces an outstanding rich, clear, open tone. The woods that have been used are of top quality, the two-piece back of highly striped maple is simply stunning, with matching ribs, neck and scroll making this a really attractive instrument. Its finished with high quality Italian style oil varnish. The fingerboard is of best quality ebony as is the chin rest. The tuning pegs are also of ebony and beautifully hand carved. The tail, also of ebony has one fine tuner on the E string. (if you would like one on all four strings for ease of tuning just let me know). The bridge is also of a high quality as are the strings, TONICA - these are a high quality synthetic style string preferred by most teachers. (you can ask for different strings if you have a preference - I will be happy to change them for you). These Tonica do bring out the strong, warm and full even tone that this violin can create. The most important thing about this instrument is the sound, its simply stunning, powerful and rich, just great for any player at any level. Have a listen to the sound clip. The interior work is very neat and clean, the violin is fully blocked and lined. It is sold with a new lightweight case and a good bow which are free of charge. This outfit represents incredible value for money, is fully guaranteed for twelve months and will be trouble free for years to come. This instrument is, in my opinion, suitable for all players and styles and deserves serious consideration. £12.00 will be added automatically when you click the buynow button for postage to a UK postcode. Please contact me for postage costs elsewhere.

£895.00 + £12.00 p&p



Please email me with any questions that you may have.

TOTAL: £907.00 - No other charges apply

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