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Excellent Handmade Viola 15.5 inch


Product Information

IPE Cello Bow 4/4
Size: 4/4



Product Description

An IPE 4/4 Cello Bow

This is a full size cello bow handmade from IPE wood. It has a beautiful round stick with great strength and will play very well indeed. This bow is very straight and well balanced - is a good weight at 81g and feels fantastic in the hand, stays steady and produces a strong tone. The lapping is silver wire and leather and it is Nickel mounted. The frog is white Ox horn and extremely attractive to the eye. There is a full head of the finest Mongolian horsehair and this bow will suit all players at all levels. I highly recommend it. You can buy and try this bow, keep it for seven days and return it for a full refund if you are not 100% happy with your purchase (UK only). You are buying the bow that you see in the photos as I only have the one.

About the Ipe Tree
The Ipe is native to rainforests, especially in Brazil.

There is around 100 species of Ipe and they are mostly deciduous (but sometimes evergreen) trees, 15 to 50 feet tall with a large crown. Five to seven oval or blade-shaped leaflets radiate from the leaf base; sweet-smelling pink, white, yellow or purple flowers appear in spring. The fruit takes the form of pods.

Brazilian Ipe is common in Brazil, but it also appears from northern Mexico down to Venezuela and northern Argentina. It also grows in the Caribbean. Cultivated Brazilian ipe needs full sun and a warmer climate, such as in Florida. Its a good choice of material as it is not rare like Pernambuco.

£4.00 will be automatically added to the total when you click the buynow button towards the cost of posting to a UK postcoded address. (please contact me if outside of UK as postage does cost a little more). This bow will be posted in a strong plastic tube via special delivery and is guaranteed by Royalmail to arrive one day after posting excluding weekends and Bank Holidays.

Weight 81g
Frog White Ox Horn
Frog Parisian Eye

£89.00 is the total amount - no other charges apply

Full 12 month warranty and a no fuss returns policy and full refund if you are not 100% happy with your purchase.

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