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Violin Bow Carbon Fibre


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Product Information

Stunning Early 20th Century Violin
Size: 4/4

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Great Build - Great Tone


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Product Description

Stradivari Copy Violin 4/4
This is a beautiful violin with some age to it. It has a real Italian feel about it but could be French. There is no label in the instrument to give any clues but one thing is for certain, this is a high quality violin made from high quality tone woods. The top is really close grain spruce and the back; neck and sides made from stunning tiger striped matching maple. I have fitted a high quality bridge with tonica strings which suit this instrument very well. The tone is rich and warm, bright on the E sting without being harsh. It responds well to sensitive bow strokes and is a powerful, well projecting violin. There are no cracks or repairs, some light dings here and there which are expected given the age of the violin (early 20th century I would say). Beautiful hand carved pegs and fingerboard of ebony with box wood chin rest and tail piece. One fine tuner on the E (happy to fit 3 more if you would prefer) and it tunes well from the pegs. This will come with a new deluxe oblong case, strong and sturdy, a very good bow, shoulder rest and rosin. I highly recommend this violin.
£2000.00 + £20.00 p&p (No other charges apply)

12 month warranty

Total to pay £2000.20

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