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Superb Octagonal Cello Bow


Product Information

Violin Bow Carbon Fibre
Size: 4/4

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Was: £69.00
Product Description

These bows are made from carbon fibre and are very strong. They will last and last as they cannot warp or twist in any way. The stick is round and the frog is made of ebony. It has a Parisian style eye and is inlaid with Abelone, is fully lined and mounted with nickel. The lapping is of silver wire and leather and the bow is very well balanced and easy to play with. I use one of these all the time and I think it would suit any player, from beginner to advanced. My local luthier buys them from me to complete his high quality outfits - what more can you say. I have reduced the price of these bows for a limited period so now is the time to get one. I have sold these bows for some time now to fiddlers and orchestral players alike - i have never had a single problem. I passed my grade 8 over 30 years ago and consider myself an advanced player, these bows work just fine for me so buy with confidence!!! This is what a very recent buyer emailed to me today - "Just want to say again how very pleased I am with the C-fibre bow.It is as good as any of my expensive wooden bows!!! Thanks. Ken" This bow will be posted via special delivery and packed in a strong plastic tube to prevent any damage during transit. £4.00 postage (per bow) will be added automatically when you click the buynow button.

£53.00 is the total amount - no other charges apply

There is a 12 month full warranty on this bow !

Weight: 62g

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