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Great Modern Violin


Product Information

Nice Eastern European Violin 4/4
Size: 4/4




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Product Description

This is a nice Eastern European full size violin dating from around 1930 I would guess. It has certainly got some age to it and it shows all the signs of having been well played, always a good thing. The spruce top is close grained and the ribs, neck and scroll have a nice striped figure to them. I have fitted ebony tuning pegs, tail piece (with four fine tuners) and chin rest. The bridge is of high quality maple and the strings are synthetic core which help to bring out some of the warm qualities in the sound produced. (Listen to the mp3). This is a good solid instrument that plays well and should be trouble free for years to come. It is supplied with a nice modern case, a good bow, rosin and shoulder rest so you will have everything that you need to get started. £12.00 will be automatically added to the total amount towards the cost of posting to a UK post coded address. (If you are outside of the UK please email me for a shipping quote).

12 month guarantee against normal wear and tear!

£337.00 is the total amount - no other charges apply.

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