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The Wheel of the Year CD


Product Information

Good German Violin Circa 1900 4/4
Size: 4/4




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Product Description

A nice antique 4/4 full sized violin which has the following on the label inside: Manufactured in Berlin - Copy of - Antonius Stradivariuos. The violin is structurally sound but there are some signs of age and play wear to the varnish and some blemishes here and there, no more than you would expect for a violin of this age. The two piece back of the violin, in particular has a nice patina, as you can see. This is a nice quality antique violin probably from the Lowendahl factory. These violins are well liked for there strentgh of tone and this one ticks all the boxes. (Listen to the sound clip). The tuning pegs are of Rose wood and the fingerboard of ebony. I have fitted a new box wood tail-piece and the bridge is of high quality maple. The strings are Dominants (now retailing for over £40.00 a set). They really help this violin to produce a rich, strong and warm tone. The top is made from close grain spruce and the ribs and scroll are of highly striped maple, matching the back. This instrument is full of charm and character, it has been well used and will continue to deliver in the future. It comes with a new case, a good bow, a shoulder rest and a block of good quality dark rosin completing the outfit. £12.00 will be added to the total automatically after you click the buynow button towards the cost of posting.

You can try this violin in your own home for seven days (UK only) and if you are not 100% satisfied simply return it for a full refund.

12 month guarantee against normal wear and tear !!

£707.00 is the total cost - no other charges apply !

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